Saturday, July 28, 2007

John Lightfoot for County Executive!

What? Too soon?

Oh well, if they can't find anyone with the cojones to run for County Exec, let's hope that the Dems can find someone suitable to fill Lightfoot's soon-to-be-open seat on City Council. Not that his replacement would have large shoes to fill; the guy never deserved to be elected in the first place. Isn't it amazing what name recognition can do? Two prior DWI convictions weren't even brought up during his campaign? Is there anyone in our local media who even bothers to try to do their job? His brother Willie Jr., on the other hand, is a brilliant and well-dressed man whose talents are better suited for City Council than the County Leg. Maybe he's interested???

So all of you Democratic insiders, feel free to voice your opinions on the matter. Even better, if you have any privileged information, feel free to post it here. Allow me to suggest a few names: Wade Norwood, Saul Maneiro, and Dennis O'Brien. I know all three of these individuals in various capacities and all would make (or in Wade's case, have made) excellent candidates. First, it would be great to have Wade back in the public eye. He was a strong voice of reason on the Council in years past and I'm sure he's learned valuable information as a member of the Buffalo Control Board. Besides, who doesn't enjoy hearing the guy speak? Maneiro was the best candidate not to get elected a couple years ago when Lightfoot was able to steal a seat using his last name as his only selling point. Given the increasing influence of Latinos in Rochester today, having a second Puerto Rican on the Council is a good thing. Finally, Dennis O'Brien is a name you're seeing more and more these days. He's young, he's Irish, he's liberal, and he's helped keep Dave Koon in power in the Republican eastern suburbs for years now. All three of these gentlemen are quality choices for Council. I'm sure Minarik has someone willing to run for the Dark Side, let's be sure that the Council remains our local bastion of liberal sensibilities. What are your thoughts?