Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finally, Brilliance on the D&C Forums!

If you're like me, you're growing very tired of reading the incessant anti-Rochester babble on the Democrat & Chronicle's web boards. It's sad that our public forums are used almost exclusively as pulpits for preachers of negativity. Not that this is unique to Rochester nor is it unique to the internet/blogosphere. The venomous nonsense spewed forth in the online forums of the Buffalo News and Syracuse Post-Standard is equally ridiculous and for that, we should all feel shame. The state of public discourse in America today has declined to the point at which honest debate can no longer take place between regular citizens.

Despite all of this, there are a handful of hardy Rochester-backers out there carrying the torch of enlightenment to the ill-informed masses. This post is dedicated to the brilliant words written by loyal Rant reader Itchy in a forum discussing the Broad Street Tunnel project. Thanks to Itch for taking the time to pen such a scathing commentary on the wretched swine out there that never miss an opportunity to try and bring us down.

"Naddering nabobs of negativism. They mean nothing. They would complain about the downtown of any city they lived in. They'll never spend a dime there, or walk the streets and enjoy our city's beauty and history and vibrancy. They cheer any setback or decline, and purposefully ignore any progress. This has become a matter of dogma with them. They hate and fear our city; they hate and fear our people. They care nothing for art, for culture. They are barbarians. They contribute nothing to Rochester, and are of no consequence. Pay them no mind. They are nothing more than a mosquito, buzzing in your ear. Away, mosquito."