Friday, November 24, 2006

Woodshed, Meet Mayor Duffy

Every now and again, you read something that is so well expressed, you just have to tell someone about it. Reading today's Letters to the Editor, I had such a moment. If you haven't already read the following letter, please do so. Mr. Snover couldn't have put it any better. Duffy was a failure as Chief of Police and he has done absolutely nothing to garner our confidence in his first year as Mayor. While suburbanites certainly love having a white guy running the City, they're backing the wrong one.

Two salaries were missing from list
I was confused by the fact that neither Mayor (then Chief) Duffy's, nor his sidekick, Commander Girvin's salaries were provided on your Web site's 10-year Rochester police salary chart. I, personally, was the recipient of over $25,000 in overtime over the past two years. This money bolstered my pension and allowed me to retire after serving only 20 years on the force. The abundance of my overtime was generated by Chief Duffy's ill-fated and reprehensible decision to reduce the department from seven to two sections. This decision has resulted in continued violence, increased overtime and poorer police service to the members of the Rochester community.
I'm sure that Duffy will have the opportunity to continue his antics at his new position as mayor of Rochester. Now he calls for increased accountability of members of the department, after he demoralized, gutted it and left it in shambles.
That sounds a bit hypocritical to me. Unfortunately, his burning desire to leave a lasting legacy has come at the expense of the safety and financial well-being of the community he has sworn to serve.

The writer is a retired RPD lieutenant.