Thursday, October 26, 2006

The 2006 Roch-a-Cha Rant Endorsements

In last Sunday's Democrat & Chronical, despite a headline encouraging reform in Albany, our local fishwrap endorsed incumbents almost exclusively. Sure, we have some quality representatives in Albany, but the fact is that reform starts by throwing out those who stand in the way of it. After becoming thoroughly disgusted by the lackadaisical effort put forth by the editors of the D&C, I realized that as always, if you want something done right, do it yourself. Therefore, below are my Roch-a-Cha Rant Political Endorsements for the 2006 General Election.

Eliot Spitzer (D, I, WF) - While I was unsure whether I would support Spitzer or Tom Suozzi in the Democratic Primary for Governor, the choice is crystal-clear now. Spitzer is a leader, he proved himself to be the finest Attorney General this state has ever seen and he will bring integrity to the Governor's office.

H. Carl McCall (D, Write-In) - My previous post explained why I cannot support Alan Hevesi in this race. My update on the post briefly explained why I cannot support J. Christopher Callaghan or Julia Willebrand. While John J. Cain's experience is a plus, his Libertarian ideals are far out-of-touch with reality. The only other remaining candidate, Willie Cotton, is the Socialist Workers candidate and I only support anarchy in the UK. Thus, let us turn back the clock to the previous NYS Comptroller, let's recall H. Carl McCall.

Attorney General
Rachel Treichler (G) - After being thoroughly disappointed by the Democratic Primary for Attorney General, in which Andrew Cuomo won on name recognition alone, I found the only other candidate who supports liberal ideals and actually has some legal experience. Treichler is a Harvard-educated Green who lives in the Finger Lakes region and is very active in Steuben County. Cuomo will likely win this election, and he'll probably make a decent AG, but he was not the best Democrat for the job and he is sorely lacking in experience. Jeannine Pirro had so many skeletons in her closet and they're now all out in the open. She is a joke. The Socialist Workers candidate doesn't even have a law degree and you already know how I feel about Libertarians.

US Senator
Howie Hawkins (G) - This is another election where the best Democrat did not win the Primary. Hilary Clinton should be punished like every other member of Congress who supported the "War". While Clinton has done many good things for the State, she chose the wrong path and refuses to admit her mistake. John Kerry lost the Presidency for that, she should lose her Senate seat. John Spencer is in the mold of a typical Republican, and that does not represent the views of the average New Yorker. Howie Hawkins is the ONLY true progressive in this race. He supports an end to the war, universal healthcare, renewable energy, living wages, repealing the Patriot Act, etc.

State Supreme Court Justice
Stephen Lindley (D, I, WF), Terrence Brown-Steiner (D), Clark Zimmermann (D) - Judges are elected to uphold the law and interpret in a manner which the people demand. Elect the Democrats because we've seen what happens when Republicans get a hold of our justice system.

Representative - 25th District
Dan Maffei (D, WF) - Maffei is against the war, for stem cell research, for health care reform, for enhancing Social Security, and against No Child Left Behind. He's also a qualified individual. Jim Walsh voted for the Iraq war - throw him out!

Representative - 26th District
Morton Wexler (D, Write-In) - I cannot in good conscience recommend voting for Jack Davis. The man is not fit to represent his district and he is far from a progressive. Of course, he's better than incumbent Tom Reynolds who believes that keeping a Republican child predator in office is more important than protecting teenage House pages. Wexler is a good Mayor, and I bet he'd make a fine Representative.

Representative - 28th District
Louise Slaughter (D, I, WF) - While I may agree with her on every issue, she is our most senior Representative and among the most fashionable women on Capitol Hill. Furthermore, she is one of the brave few who opposed the war in Iraq. For this alone, she deserves our support.

Representative - 29th District
Eric Massa (D, WF) - I've said it many times before and I'll say it again, John Randy Kuhl is an embarrassment to this region. He is an awful politician, an awful speaker, and an awful human being. Eric Massa is a rising star in the Democratic Party and he takes the correct stance on nearly every issue.

State Senator - 54th District
Michael Nozzolio (R, C, I) - Unopposed and he brings home the bacon.

State Senator - 55th District
Eugene Saltzberg (D) - Jim Alesi is an egomaniac. Whether he's fighting the Town of Perinton to block properly zoned commerical development next to his home or whether he's fighting the Town of Middlesex to move a town road just so he can have exclusive lakefront access at his summer home. We cannot allow such people to govern our state.

State Senator - 56th District
Joseph Robach (R, C, I, WF) - One of our most popular elected officials, he earned my respect when he stood up for the City of Rochester on the Senate floor and when he stood against Sheldon Silver in the Assembly.

State Senator - 57th District
George Maziarz (R, I, C) - His opponent Christopher Srock is woefully incapable of serving in the Senate. Maziarz has done some good for his district and his is not a name you hear in a negative light.

State Assembly - 130th District
Daniel West (D, WF) - Joe Errigo is one of the most partisan, anti-urban elected officials we have today. Dan West has the right ideas and the quality experience we need to create change in Albany.

State Assembly - 131st District
John Ferlicca (R, C, I) - Despite being a Republican, and despite living in god-awful Chili, Ferlicca has some good ideas and a thirst for change. Susan John has never been a strong leader and has made some poor decisions over the years. Ferlicca is married to an African-American woman, so he is clearly more open-minded than the average Republican.

State Assembly - 132nd District
Joseph Morelle (D) - The Chairman of the local Democratic party and our most powerful Assemblyman, Morelle has the best interests of Rochester at heart and his influential position will bring continued benefits to his district.

State Assembly - 133rd District
Wade Norwood (D, Write-In) - I can't understand why Daryl Porter did not primary David Gantt, the ineffectual, contentious, racist, do-nothing elder statesman of our State delegation. I can only suspect that he gave in to the idea of "party unity". Since he did not challenge Gantt, we are left with Carlos Coker, a brave young man who may some day grow up to be the next Republican mayoral candidate to be annihilated on Election Day. I support the man who should have been Mayor, Wade Norwood, as a write-in candidate for his former boss' job. Norwood combines Gantt's few strengths with a demeanor worthy of higher office.
State Assembly - 134th District
Philip Fedele (D) - Ever heard of Bill Reilich, me neither, which is pretty pathetic for an incumbent. We need leaders, not followers, to represent us.

State Assembly - 135th District
David Koon (D, I, WF) - Want to know how a Democrat can stay in power for so long in such a Republican-dominated district? By being an excellent representative who is both responsive to his constituents and true to his beliefs. Koon is a man of integrity and vision, and one of the few members of the Assembly who can point to real tangible successes in his life. Koon was one of the brave few who stood up to Speaker Silver, which makes him one of the incumbents friendly to reform in Albany. Plus, he'd make a heck of a County Executive.