Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Moron Coming to Raise Funds for Maniac

The most hated man in American politics, Dick Cheney, announced plans to visit Rochester later this month to raise funds for the most hated man in upstate NY politics, John Randy Kuhl. As I have stated earlier, Kuhl is the worst possible representative for our region and an embarrassment to the nation as a whole. So it makes sense that he would bring his idol Big Dick, the only person in the nation with a lower approval rating than the President, to town to raise dough for his floundering campaign. It's hard to believe, but there are crazed lunatics out there willing to drop $1,000 for a chance to have his or her picture taken with the VP. Consider me among those lunatics, though possibly for a different reason: I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to put my "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt to good use.

What really ticks me off about the Cheney visit announcement is that it was made on 9/11, a day that should never be politicized. Yet Kuhl uses that day to announce that he is bringing the most polarizing figure on the planet to our town to raise funds for him. I suppose the same could be said for Kuhl's opponent (and intellectual superior) Eric Massa for bringing Max Cleland to town yesterday. The difference is, Max Cleland is a man of integrity; Cheney has about as much integrity as a sponge. It's hard to believe that on 9/11/06, our dim-witted President is on the boob-tube still trying to convince us that Iraq and 9/11 were/are linked. Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Kuhl proudly stand/sink with him, completely incapable of admitting that they were and continue to be wrong. I think I understand why that is. These guys have repeated so many lies over the years that they now believe them. As far as I know, Eric Massa has never lied to us, and that's good enough for me.