Friday, August 25, 2006

Wegmans Potholder Bread: Food You Feel Good About Choking On

Time to ridicule everyone's favorite hometown company again! Not too long after recalling their Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Spring Water due to the presence of high levels of bromate, which they claim is not dangerous but I heard it causes leprosy, Wegmans is at it again. This time, they recalled their Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Country Wheat Hearty Sliced Bread because there may be chunks of potholder in it that pose a choking hazard. Take that Baker Street and Great Harvest, Wegmans can come up with creative flavors of bread too! Just a thought, but maybe it's time for Wegmans to remove the lamely-named "Food You Feel Good About" label from their store brands and change it to something more along the lines of "Food You Feel Slightly Worried About But Buy Anyways Because You're Too Cheap to Pay a Little More for Higher Quality."