Saturday, June 17, 2006

Please Stop Hyping PaeTec Park "Traffic Woes"

Call me crazy, but I'm not buying the awful traffic congestion that the local media is hyping regarding tonight's dueling sports events at PaeTec Park and Frontier Field. About 60,000 people converge on downtown Rochester every day to work, add in the roughly 40,000 that use buses to get to or through downtown, and the 6,000 that reside within the Inner Loop and you have more than 100,000 folks within downtown at a given time (Note: If my math is off a bit, please don't bother correcting me - it's beside the point.) And very few realists claim that downtown Rochester has a traffic problem. So why all of a sudden are we projecting awful traffic tie-ups when less than 30,000 spectators maximum converge on Frontier and PaeTec this evening?

All this unnecessary media hype does is discourage the fence-sitting fan from coming to tonight's games. What good does that do any of us? Maybe I'm overestimating our local residents, but I'm willing to bet that most area sports fans are willing to walk upwards of a mile (oh heavens!) to get to their respective arena. If not, then maybe they should consider a serious exercise regimen before they die of an obesity-fueled heart attack. Furthermore, if their time is too important to sit in "traffic" for a half-hour, in the immortal words of Brian Regan, maybe they should loosen up their schedule.