Friday, March 24, 2006

Robach Listens to Roch-a-Cha Rant; Gains Respect

Apparently someone was listening when I went off on Joe Robach and the rest of our State delegation for not fighting for Rochester's fair share of State funds. Please forgive my immodesty, but I am taking credit for Senator Robach's tirade at the State Senate panel hearings on the local aid portion of the budget. This is exactly the type of representation our city deserves. This excerpt from the D&C sums it up:

""If we're going to start getting parochial," said Sen. William Stachowski, D-Buffalo, "then we're not going to be serving the state as a whole." "That's easy to say when Buffalo gets the most in every (aid) category," Robach shot back. He said he'd "reject out of hand" a plan that gave Rochester and Buffalo equal size increases."

Game-set-match. Robach has gone from being in my doghouse to being IMO the best representative we've got. I must say though, as a Democrat, I'm embarrassed by my party's utter disrespect for my city. Granted, our city/region's Senate delegation is exclusively Republican, but that should be beside the point. Senate Democrats should see the value in saving Rochester from the same downward spiral that Buffalo followed. Dems seem to think that we should be punished for being fiscally responsible all these years. Don't they realize Rochester is a Democratic city?

Is the opposite occurring in the Assembly, where the city is exclusively represented by Democrats? We have yet to hear a peep from the bumbling idiot David Gantt, who bears a striking resemblance to General Grievous (see below - if you disagree, suggest other characters that he resembles). Gantt should be our city's most vocal leader, but instead he spends most of his time hating whitey and praising Lovely Warren. Don't get me wrong, I hate whitey as much as the next guy, but I can put my racism aside for a few minutes to do my job. Why can't he? Do we need to rely on Susan John? Probably not, considering it was dirty downstate money that bought her re-election. Thus, it all comes down to the little guy, Joe Morelle. My money is on him breaking Robin Schimminger's nose and then bitch-slapping Crystal Peoples. Call me crazy, but that's what I want out of my representatives. Is that so much to ask?

Assemblyman Gantt

General Grievous