Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rochester's Powerless State Delegation

Ever since Mayor Duffy took office, he has been traveling to Albany seeking Rochester's fair share of state funds. As we've heard for many years, every other large city in Upstate New York receives significantly more state funding per capita than does Rochester. This is the unfortunate result of Rochester being prudent with its finances, unlike the dolts that run Buffalo, Syracuse, Utica, Schenectady, Albany, Troy, Yonkers, Poughkeepsie, Niagara Falls, and Binghamton. Rochester has finally reached a point where it cannot hold its own any more, yet New York State continues to give Rochester the finger.

You would think that this would piss off Rochester's New York State delegation. You would think that they would promise to fight for every cent that they can wrestle from the claws of our greedy neighbors. But alas, you would be wrong. Where are David Gantt, Jim Alesi, Susan John, David Koon, Mike Nozzolio, George Maziarz, Bill Reilich, and Joe Errigo? Do they want to represent a pauper region? Are they too proud to beg? We've heard from Joe Morelle on the issue, he seems pretty pissed, but I have yet to hear of him being tossed from the Assembly floor for picking a fight with Sheldon Silver. Yesterday we heard from Joe Robach, he says we're getting an additional $14 million, as is every other upstate city. Apparently he thinks we should happy with that. "The bottom line is, minimum, they are going to get $14 million, which is real cash," Robach said.

Wow. Real cash. It's not just Monopoly money, Joe? Gee, thanks. The City needs $36 million and you get us $14 million. You deserve a real nice pat on the back for a job well done. I'm sure the folks in Buffalo, Syracuse, and elsewhere hope you continue to get re-elected because they now realize that you aren't willing to fight for your community. That means more money for them! The brain-dead Senator from Greece apparently thinks that all cities getting $14 million is a "small but significant step in equalizing appropriations." How is it getting any closer to equalizing if all cities get the same amount, Joe? It's basic math. Please tell me you at least got a GED before being elected to office on the strength of your father's name.

Well, it seems as though we only have one choice left. No, not secession, I've already ranted on that and besides, why would Buffalo join us in forming a new state when New York gives them such a hefty allowance? The only choice is for all Rochester residents to refuse to pay our State income taxes. Our rallying cry should be, "No Taxation Without Representation," or better yet "No Taxation Without Equal Appropriation." The other choice is to vote out worthless do-nothing representatives like Gantt and Robach - but they know we're too stupid to do that.